Tuesday Tunes by Rebel Yell: Tame Impala & A Turntable

Talk about a Hell Week.  It's been one for me, people.  

My original plan was to post a Tuesday Tunes last week and it also be a review.  I was going to make it all Twenty One Pilots.  My daughter and I went to the concert and we both wrote a review but going through all the media is a bitch.....

This Little Toddler has ARRIVED

My entering a room game has changed, y'all!  This little girl walking in on her dad's live TV interview on BBC understands what the real show is to be had and she will not be denied!  

As a work-from-home parent, I feel this dad so much.  I've been working from home on and off for 14 years and it never gets easier, dude.

Tuesday Tunes by Rebel Yell

Since this is part of the reason we created this site, I thought I'd start a Tuesday Tunes post where I list what's on my playlists each week.  Moni may also throw hers out there to really shake things up.

Boulevard of Broken Testes

by Moni

Here we are again! My lover Kristi (I’m hoping she’ll make an honest woman of me someday but so far I'm just daydreaming about her from many states away) has dragged me kicking and screaming (but I kinda liked it) back to the blog-o-spehere.

While she was busy kicking ass, starting companies, renovating houses and generally being awesome, my life has been a mixed bag: I bought a hotdog restaurant, lost a hotdog restaurant (whoops), made some amazing new friends, ditched some losers, got a promotion, settled into our new home…

The Pitaya Bowl for Us Commoners

No.  I did not think my first post in over a year would be about "Smoothie Bowls."  Thanks for asking.  But hear me out....

For two years I have driven up to all the cool areas of Atlanta and bought myself a raw, vegan, matcha, chia, superfood smoothie bowl for snacks or breakfasts. 

We'rrrrrrrrrrrre BACK!

So I will tell you that I had a NOVEL written just now and accidentally deleted it.

I'm ready to burn this motherfucker to the ground but I'll just chalk it up to my dumb ass, user error and do a very quick post.

YES.  We are back.  Moni & I have been talking about it for months and I finally got off my ass and did it.  I'm insanely busy, she's insanely busy....but we miss writing.  

Whorror Review: Unnatural

Oh. My. LORT!!!  What is there to say....um, how can I write this and be nice?  I don't know.  Ok, here goes....

I just knocked out Unnatural, movie #2 on the 8 Films to Die For horror list that was released November 2015.  This movie takes place wayyyy up in the remote parts of Alaska where apparently a scientifically altered hybrid polar bear/wolf thing goes on a killing spree....

Somebody...Anybody...Explain This?


I'm going step out of my comfort zone and admit something to you all.  I like Kim Zolciak.  She's a hustler and proud of it.  I also think she has a pretty fantastic life and I had the pleasure of running into her at my nail salon, which turned out to be her salon and even though I could tell she was less than thrilled, she took a pic with me.  

Having said that, when I saw this photo on her Instagram I literally jumped in horror....

Is Atlanta the New Los Angeles?

This write up is from Danielle, a friend of mine who moved here from LA and is in the entertainment business.  She is an actress and also works for a prominent talent agency here in Atlanta.  I'm super excited to have her write for us and I hope we get more inside Hollywood/entertainment info in the future.   


The first time I heard someone call Atlanta the “New LA” I was at a wedding in Georgia with my Georgia-native boyfriend getting introduced to all of his Georgia-native friends as the “LA girlfriend”. When I told a local videographer that I’m an actress his immediate response was, “Why aren’t you in Atlanta?”

Hot Dudes…Reading?

There’s a new phenomena sweeping the nation Internets, and it is hot dudes. Specifically, Hot Dudes Reading. Not just reading any old thing. We’re not talking about your boyfriend looking at his dumb phone for sports updates (is there some kind of ball game happening this weekend? I’ve heard rumors), this Instagram page is only for photos of attractive men reading of actual print books. I mean, who reads print books anymore? Um, hot dudes, apparently!

This Instagram account was first introduced to me by fellow librarians, who use it for *ahem* research, *cough cough.* We’ve been trying to up our social media game, and legit whomever writes for Hot Dudes is actually pretty damn entertaining. It doesn’t hurt that the subject matters are living works of art....

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Vile Kyle's Drama-Que

All I can say is:  Thank The Gods for WINE!






Just kidding, that's not all I'm going to say.  I caught up with the 90210 Housewives last night and I felt a rant coming on.....so what better place than my own site??  

First of all, I want to know what Reality Show Gods declared Kyle Queen of Housewives?  This bitch.  What a shit stirrer...lick the spoon, girl.


Whorror Review: Re-Kill

I am Day 1 into After Dark Films: 8 Movies to Die For.  These eight horror movies come out once a year and they are the best of that years independent harvest.  Tonight's feature was zombie flick Re-Kill.  

The best way to describe this movie is take one part Starship Troopers, one part Resident Evil and shake it up in a reality series program like Cops.  Whatchu gonna do when they come for you?

Hallelujah! X-Files is Back!

By Kristi

You guys, what a great time to be alive!  We are existing in the year 2016 and the X-Files is playing on our TVs.  Who all caught the premier last night?  I'm ashamed to say that I accidentally did!  I forgot all about it and football ended and boom, there it was.  It came on and I dropped everything and lost my shit.  

I don't know about you, but I was feeling 22!  Fo' Realzzzz.  

So X-Files picked up as of today.  Mulder is some wreck-loose who doesn't shave and wears a lot of army green jackets and t-shirts.  I mean, I would have loved to see him go another way all these years.  It would have been comical to see him join The Lone Gunmen and be a basement computer geek.  



Sunday Shit – DietBet, Jenny Owen Youngs and My Calves Are Killing Me

Well, well, well. We’ve made it to another Sunday. These past two weeks were pretty painless, unless you count my huge left knee gash (a heated pool incident may have occurred in New Orleans – but I assure you that I was on my best behavior), a raging urinary tract infection and my calves are clearly revolting after the hour-long step class I finally got my ass to Wednesday.

Other than that, all butterflies, ice cream sundaes and heavenly-scented soy candles, people....

Whorror Review: Bone Tomahawk

By Kristi

Just got finished watching this and wanted to write the review straight away.  I hadn't heard much buzz about this movie, but I've been anxious to watch it.  The concept was pretty original and I love horror that isn't the same 'ol plot and scenery.  

A small Old West town in the desert comes under a mysterious attack one night after a deputy, drifter and a beautiful woman doctor, who was treating the drifter, go missing from a jail....

What's Up & a Slamming Chili Recipe

Happy 2016!  I hope everyone's year is starting out well!  We here at Rebel Yell have been insanely busy and personally, I can barely tell which way is up right now.  

Home remodel is winding down and now we just have a few more additions to the kitchen before I do my post.  I had all my pictures taken and ready to do my last "Flooded With Ideas" kitchen post and Mr. FEE was adamant that I wait until its completely finished before I post.  Oy....